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04-12-23 (23:14)   'Supernatural' Star Mark Sheppard Brought Back to Life After Six Heart Attacks (Breitbart.com)
04-12-23 (21:59)   Could Supernatural Return For Another Season? Jared Padalecki And Jensen Ackles Weigh In (Cinemabled)
04-12-23 (21:44)   'Supernatural' star Mark Sheppard survives six "massive heart attacks" (NME.COM)
04-12-23 (18:46)   'Supernatural' Star Mark Sheppard Had 6 'Massive Heart Attacks' (Newsmax)
04-12-23 (17:42)   Supernatural: 10 Things To Know About Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki's Friendship (Screen Rant)
04-12-23 (15:08)   Supernatural & Battlestar Galactica actor Mark Sheppard survives six heart attacks (JoBlo.com)
04-12-23 (01:13)   Supernatural's Mark Sheppard Recovering From 'Six Massive Heart Attacks' (Vulture)
04-12-23 (00:28)   After Supernatural's Mark Sheppard Revealed He Was Brought Back To Life 4 Times From 6 Heart Attacks, Former Co-Star Misha Collins And More Reached Out (Cinemabled)
03-12-23 (23:34)   'Supernatural' Actor Mark Sheppard 'Humbled' After Surviving Six Deadly Heart Attacks (AceShowbiz.com)
03-12-23 (23:14)   'Supernatural' Star Mark Sheppard Says He Had 6 Massive Heart Attacks: 'Brought Back From the Dead' (TheWrap.com)
03-12-23 (23:03)   Supernatural Vet Mark Sheppard Reveals He Recently Survived 'Six Massive Heart Attacks' (TVLine)
03-12-23 (22:00)   'Supernatural' star Mark Sheppard brought back to life after 6 'massive' heart attacks (New York Post)
03-12-23 (19:31)   Supernatural Actor Mark Sheppard Says He Had 6 Heart Attacks (E! Online)
03-12-23 (19:03)   'Supernatural' Star Mark Sheppard Survives Massive Heart Attacks (Deadline.com)
03-12-23 (14:56)   8 Times Dean Winchester Used The First Blade In Supernatural (& Who He Killed) (Screen Rant)
02-12-23 (17:25)   Supernatural's Inevitable Sam & Dean Return Just Took 1 Huge Step Closer To Reality (Screen Rant)
02-12-23 (14:42)   Is 'Supernatural's Mark of Cain Real? (Collider)
01-12-23 (00:13)   'Supernatural' Really Did This Character Dirty (Collider)
30-11-23 (20:51)   Supernatural season 16? Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles imply there's more Winchester action to come (JoBlo.com)
30-11-23 (16:25)   New Supernatural Projects Teased By Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles: "Stay Tuned On That" (Screen Rant)
30-11-23 (15:25)   Supernatural's Best Episodes Prove The Show Was Strongest When Using 1 Type Of Storytelling (Screen Rant)
30-11-23 (00:59)   Wait, Are We Getting a 'Supernatural' Season 16?! (Collider)
28-11-23 (19:11)   MAPPA & Acclaimed Writer Team Up With Netflix For New Supernatural Romance Anime (Screen Rant)
28-11-23 (17:39)   Could Acoustic Phenomenon Explain Supernatural Experiences In The Devil's Church Cave? (IFLScience.com)
26-11-23 (22:15)   Best Supernatural Expansions In The Sims (Game Rant)
25-11-23 (17:25)   11 Supernatural Monsters That Can Possess A Human's Body (Screen Rant)
25-11-23 (14:11)   Wednesday Season 2 Theory Would Open The Door For More Supernatural Storylines (Screen Rant)
24-11-23 (01:42)   'Supernatural' Almost Had a Very Different Co-Star for The Winchesters (Collider)
21-11-23 (16:22)   The Cello trailer: Tobin Bell, Darren Lynn Bousman reteam for supernatural horror film (JoBlo.com)
20-11-23 (15:44)   I replaced my boring workouts with Quest 3's Supernatural app, and can't imagine going back (ZDNet News)
20-11-23 (04:56)   10 Best Supernatural Episodes, Ranked (Screen Rant)
18-11-23 (16:28)   The Time 'Supernatural' Was Turned Into An Anime (Collider)
15-11-23 (15:38)   'Madame Web' Trailer: Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney Weave a Supernatural Superhero Story (IndieWire)
13-11-23 (20:11)   Onyx The Fortuitous Faces His First Supernatural Test In Talisman Of Souls Clip [EXCLUSIVE] (Screen Rant)
13-11-23 (00:25)   All 5 Supernatural Episodes Where Original Death Appears, Ranked (Screen Rant)
12-11-23 (02:49)   Dead Boy Detectives Are on the Case! Watch Trailer for Netflix Supernatural Drama Set in The Sandman Universe (TVLine)
11-11-23 (14:42)   25 Best Shows Like Supernatural (Screen Rant)
11-11-23 (02:32)   Akuma Kun Season 1 Review - Netflix's spooky supernatural anime looks the part (Ready Steady Cut)
08-11-23 (14:25)   1 Forgotten Supernatural Episode Has Multiple Meanings (& Reveals The Show's Most Successful Trope) (Screen Rant)
07-11-23 (22:42)   10 Supernatural Horror Movies That Aren't About Ghosts (Screen Rant)
07-11-23 (17:04)   'In Flames' Supernatural Horror Pic Lands at Game Theory Films (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
07-11-23 (03:13)   This Is How 'Supernatural' Was Actually Supposed To End (Collider)
05-11-23 (19:42)   All 9 Roles Misha Collins Played On Supernatural, Ranked From Worst To Best (Screen Rant)
05-11-23 (19:22)   Whatever Happened To Crowley From Supernatural? (Looper)
05-11-23 (16:13)   Castiel's Death in 'Supernatural' Still Sucks (Collider)
03-11-23 (23:13)   This 'Supernatural' Death Haunted Us (and the Winchesters) the Most (Collider)
03-11-23 (15:46)   Guy Pearce, DeWanda Wise & Tim Roth Heading For Supernatural Thriller 'Killing Faith', Pic Secures Interim Agreement For Early 2024 Shoot — AFM (Deadline.com)
02-11-23 (00:59)   The Blink-and-You'll Miss It 'Supernatural' Easter Eggs in 'The Boys' (Collider)
01-11-23 (21:25)   13 Biggest Supernatural Actors Who Also Appeared In Smallville (Screen Rant)
01-11-23 (20:41)   IFC and Shudder Acquire Supernatural Thriller 'Late Night With the Devil,' Starring David Dastmalchian (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
01-11-23 (19:11)   The Boys Season 4 Can Beat Gen V's Supernatural Reunion With 1 Exciting Team-Up (Screen Rant)
30-10-23 (19:29)   30 Coins: Exclusive Clip from Season 2 of HBO's Supernatural Series (IGN.com)
30-10-23 (18:22)   Starve Acre: Matt Smith, Morfydd Clark supernatural horror film secures distribution deals (JoBlo.com)
29-10-23 (17:46)   10 Best Supernatural Manhwa You Should Read (Game Rant)
29-10-23 (16:58)   Is FNAF Movie Hit or Flop? How's Supernatural Horror Film Performed at Box Office? (The Filmik)
29-10-23 (14:11)   Supernatural's Winchester Family Tree Explained (Screen Rant)
29-10-23 (01:42)   15 Supernatural Moments That Made Fans Cry (Screen Rant)
27-10-23 (21:04)   Mononoke Is A Visually Dazzling Supernatural Detective Horror Anime (SlashFilm)
26-10-23 (23:13)   'The Winchesters' Finale Gives Dean the 'Supernatural' Ending He Deserves (Collider)
25-10-23 (16:56)   Gen V Stealthily Featured A Gross Three-Way Supernatural Reunion (Screen Rant)
25-10-23 (15:42)   25 Best Supernatural Thrillers of All Time, Ranked (Collider)
25-10-23 (01:00)   Call of Duty: Creating Supernatural Operators for Season 06: The Haunting (Xbox Wire)
24-10-23 (19:13)   Turning Michael Myers Into a Supernatural Cult Monster Made Him Less Scary (Collider)
24-10-23 (17:10)   'Late Night With the Devil,' Supernatural Thriller Starring 'Oppenheimer's' David Dastmalchian, Picked Up by AGC Studios for International Sales (Variety)
23-10-23 (00:46)   Great Anime That Perfectly Blend Romance & Supernatural Elements, Ranked (Game Rant)
22-10-23 (03:25)   10 Best Needle Drops In Supernatural, Ranked (Screen Rant)
21-10-23 (00:15)   Supernatural: Dean Winchester's Life Before Dad's Hunting Trip (Game Rant)
20-10-23 (00:56)   Supernatural: Every Time A Character Returned After Their Death (Screen Rant)
20-10-23 (00:13)   10 Underrated Supernatural Horror Movies of the 2010s (Collider)
17-10-23 (19:15)   Red Dead Redemption 2's Supernatural Weird West Elements Explained (Game Rant)
17-10-23 (00:28)   'Blue Beetle's Pivotal Scene Pays Homage to a Mexican Supernatural Classic (Collider)
16-10-23 (17:22)   Bring Her to Me trailer: Full Moon supernatural horror film will be streaming for Halloween (JoBlo.com)
14-10-23 (22:11)   "Haunting the U.S.A.": DC's John Constantine Crosses the Pond in a New Supernatural Black Label Series (Screen Rant)
13-10-23 (16:25)   Strange New Worlds Needs Dr. McCoy: This Supernatural Star Should Play Bones (Screen Rant)
12-10-23 (21:42)   The 'Supernatural' Episode That Gave Us the Series' Most Iconic Character (Collider)
12-10-23 (19:42)   Filipino Mythology Gets Supernatural in THE MASK OF HALIYA: HEIR TO THE WARRIOR MOON (Exclusive) (Screen Rant)
11-10-23 (19:25)   Supernatural "Mother's Little Helper" Episode Recap: Dean's Flashbacks & Sam's Hunt For Abaddon (Screen Rant)
11-10-23 (19:06)   10 Best Supernatural Romances In Anime (DualShockers)
08-10-23 (22:22)   Whatever Happened To Charlie Bradbury From Supernatural? (Looper)
08-10-23 (18:56)   All 23 Supernatural Episodes Directed By A Cast Member (Screen Rant)
08-10-23 (15:59)   How Another Supernatural Actor Got Involved With The Boys Via The Gen V Spinoff (Cinemabled)
08-10-23 (15:13)   Whatever Happened to the 'Supernatural' Horror Spinoff 'Bloodlines'? (Collider)
08-10-23 (01:42)   'Supernatural's Most Messed Up Episode Reminds Us How Good It Is at Horror (Collider)
07-10-23 (23:13)   'Supernatural's Best Demon Was in Its Very First Season (Collider)
07-10-23 (21:42)   'Supernatural' Gave Us Some of the Best Western Horrors on TV (Collider)
07-10-23 (18:09)   When Evil Lurks Oozes Dread in Every Detail (Gizmodo)
07-10-23 (12:43)   6 supernatural, spooky games to play after seeing The Exorcist: Believer (Digital Trends)
07-10-23 (04:42)   Gen V Casting Supernatural Star For Unlikeable & Gruesome Role Explained By EP (Screen Rant)
06-10-23 (22:51)   The Dire Wolf: Doom director Andrzej Bartkowiak takes the helm of supernatural thriller (JoBlo.com)
06-10-23 (21:32)   Andrzej Bartkowiak Set To Direct Supernatural Thriller 'The Dire Wolf' For Steelyard Pictures (Deadline.com)
06-10-23 (18:20)   Gen V Bosses Talk Casting Supernatural Fave in 'A-Hole' Role ('He Won It' in the Audition) and His Explosive Scene (TVLine)
05-10-23 (18:17)   Shane West & Nikki Roumel Set For Supernatural Thriller 'You Don't Belong Here' Filming Under IA (Deadline.com)
04-10-23 (20:55)   Video: ALLBLK Releases Trailer for Season Two of Supernatural Drama "Wicked City" Premiering October 19 (The Futon Critic)
01-10-23 (16:25)   10 Terrible Supernatural Monsters That Never Returned (Screen Rant)
30-09-23 (23:42)   10 Supernatural Mysteries That Won't Be Solved After The Winchesters Got Canceled (Screen Rant)
30-09-23 (16:42)   Sorry, But 'Supernatural' Should Have Ended With Season 5 (Collider)
29-09-23 (21:08)   Here for Blood: Cineverse acquires wrestler vs. supernatural evil horror comedy - Exclusive! (JoBlo.com)
27-09-23 (19:56)   Classic Heist Gets a Supernatural Twist in New Comic from Stray Bullets Duo (Screen Rant)
27-09-23 (18:07)   Wolf Like Me Season 2 Trailer Reveals Supernatural Concerns & Surprise Laughs (Syfy Wire)
26-09-23 (14:28)   Jensen Ackles Fans Are Sharing Adorable Stories About Meeting The Boys Star, But That Supernatural Story Takes The Cake (Cinemabled)
25-09-23 (19:42)   10 Actors You Forgot Appeared In Supernatural (Screen Rant)
23-09-23 (20:13)   One of 'Supernatural's Greatest Strengths Also Made the Show Iconic (Collider)
23-09-23 (09:10)   San Sebastian Supernatural Drama 'Last Shadow at First Light' Unveils First Trailer (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
22-09-23 (13:13)   USD POLL : Which is your favorite supernatural show? (Spoiler TV)
20-09-23 (01:42)   Daredevil Debuts New Powers Thanks to Supernatural Twist (Screen Rant)
19-09-23 (19:11)   Tom Sizemore is a Detective in Supernatural Thriller 'Impuratus' Trailer (FirstShowing.net)
18-09-23 (10:10)   'It Lives Inside' Review: Globe-Trotting Demon Bedevils a Teen in a Creepy Supernatural Tale (Variety)
17-09-23 (20:25)   Supernatural Reset Dean Winchester After A Smart Character Change (& Made Him Worse) (Screen Rant)
17-09-23 (02:13)   10 Best Supernatural Psychological Thrillers, Ranked (Collider)
13-09-23 (18:56)   10 Biggest Supernatural Mistakes Sam & Dean Winchester Made (Screen Rant)
12-09-23 (01:47)   'The King Tide' Review: Frances Fisher in an Unsettling Tale of Supernatural Powers and Poisonous Groupthink (Hollywood Reporter)
10-09-23 (22:56)   7 Reasons Sam Winchester Was Supernatural's True Main Character (Not Dean) (Screen Rant)
10-09-23 (03:52)   10 Best Supernatural Anime, Ranked (DualShockers)
10-09-23 (02:04)   A Haunting In Venice Review: A Soggy Faux-Supernatural Return For Poirot (SlashFilm)
10-09-23 (01:10)   'A Haunting In Venice' Review: Kenneth Branagh Brings a Supernatural Dimension to His Hercule Poirot Series (Variety)
10-09-23 (01:07)   'A Haunting in Venice' Review: A Supernatural Twist Can't Energize Kenneth Branagh's Lethargic Hercule Poirot (IndieWire)
09-09-23 (16:13)   'Supernatural's Two-Parter Changed the Course of the Show (Collider)
09-09-23 (04:15)   Daniel Radcliffe Followed Harry Potter With This Chilling Supernatural Horror (Game Rant)
08-09-23 (19:56)   Fall Of The House Of Usher Synopsis Confirms New Supernatural Villain Of Mike Flanagan Show (Screen Rant)
06-09-23 (05:00)   10 Anime That Explores Unique Supernatural Mythologies (Game Rant)
05-09-23 (17:40)   Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke Hasn't Seen Residuals From Netflix (Gizmodo)
05-09-23 (16:42)   Dean Winchester Is The Righteous Man In Tarot Card-Style Supernatural Art (Screen Rant)
05-09-23 (12:16)   Supernatural Horror Shooter Trepang2 Is Coming To PS5 On October 2 (PlayStation Universe)
04-09-23 (01:42)   10 Actors Who Could Play Supernatural's Main Characters In A Modern Reboot (Screen Rant)
02-09-23 (02:45)   'I Couldn't Have Predicted This': Supernatural Creator Gets Real About The Fandom And What Still 'Blows' Him Away About The Show (Cinemabled)
01-09-23 (22:56)   "Family Don't End": Supernatural Cast Reunite 3 Years After Show Ended (But No Winchester Bros) (Screen Rant)
01-09-23 (16:42)   Supernatural Creator Who Left After Season 5 Reflects On The Show's 15-Year Run (Screen Rant)
31-08-23 (23:03)   'Supernatural' Creator Eric Kripke Talks Reuniting On The Picket Line, Streaming Residuals, The Importance Of A Writers Room & More — Q&A (Deadline.com)
31-08-23 (16:51)   Starve Acre images show Matt Smith, Morfydd Clark in supernatural horror film (JoBlo.com)
29-08-23 (23:42)   'Starve Acre' Images: Matt Smith & Morfydd Clark Examine Supernatural Forces (Collider)
29-08-23 (19:05)   Who Plays Crowley On Supernatural? (Looper)
28-08-23 (23:22)   Supernatural: Which New Amsterdam & Modern Family Alum Plays Aaron Bass? (Looper)
28-08-23 (13:22)   Supernatural: Why Did Crowley Team Up With Sam & Dean In Season 5? (Looper)
28-08-23 (09:22)   Supernatural: How Many Episodes Are There In Total? (Looper)
27-08-23 (14:25)   10 Cut Supernatural Episodes We Wish Had Happened (Screen Rant)
27-08-23 (11:29)   10 Anime Where Protagonists Gain Supernatural Powers Through Sacrifice (Game Rant)
24-08-23 (13:41)   'Behind the Mountains' Trailer: Tunisian Director Mohamed Ben Attia Veers Toward Supernatural in Venice-Bound Drama (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
24-08-23 (02:42)   This Was 'Supernatural's Biggest Problem (Collider)
23-08-23 (22:12)   Pacific Drive puts you behind the wheel of a supernatural station wagon (Digital Trends)
23-08-23 (18:25)   1 Supernatural Pilot Parallel Makes Dean Winchester's Season 15 Death Even Sadder (Screen Rant)
23-08-23 (14:42)   Good Omens & Supernatural Connection Addressed By Neil Gaiman (Screen Rant)
23-08-23 (11:33)   Liz Hurley-Starring Supernatural Thriller 'Piper' Gets U.K. Distributor, Trailer First Look (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
22-08-23 (21:03)   Nancy Drew Braces for Supernatural Apocalypse in Series Finale Sneak Peek (Exclusive) (TVLine)
22-08-23 (18:56)   Second Trailer for Extremely Scary Supernatural Horror 'It Lives Inside' (FirstShowing.net)
21-08-23 (17:13)   'Supernatural' Themed Picket Looks to Summon a Deal for WGA and SAG-AFTRA Strikes (Collider)
21-08-23 (15:43)   Supernatural 'Suga?' Watch O'Malley Drill Epic Counter Punch That KO'd Sterling (MMA Mania)
20-08-23 (17:56)   1 Classic Supernatural Weapon Is Much Darker Than You Realize (& Made Sam & Dean The Bad Guys) (Screen Rant)
17-08-23 (19:56)   Amandla Stenberg Stars in Supernatural Love Story 'My Animal' Trailer (FirstShowing.net)
17-08-23 (17:07)   'My Animal' Trailer: Amandla Stenberg Sinks Her Teeth Into Supernatural Queer Romance (IndieWire)
11-08-23 (19:13)   10 Weirdest 'Supernatural' Episodes, Ranked (Collider)
11-08-23 (18:11)   'They Cloned Tyrone' Stars John Boyega and Teyonah Parris Are Experts on Supernatural Advice (RollingStone.com)
09-08-23 (21:59)   'Deliver Us' Trailer: A Supernatural Pregnancy Threatens Humanity (Collider)
09-08-23 (18:16)   Olivia Newton-John's Family Details "Supernatural" Encounters With Her (E! Online)
07-08-23 (18:42)   Wacky Teaser for the Supernatural Winter Epic 'Hundreds of Beavers' (FirstShowing.net)
06-08-23 (19:56)   11 Biggest Changes Supernatural Made To Eric Kripke's Original Plan (Screen Rant)
04-08-23 (16:25)   Why Supernatural Killed Off Bobby In Season 7 (Screen Rant)
02-08-23 (15:42)   Supernatural: Every Season Ranked (Screen Rant)
30-07-23 (17:42)   Supernatural's Demon-Killing Knife Created A Season 4 Plot Hole That Still Makes No Sense (Screen Rant)
29-07-23 (11:05)   Supernatural S9: This Deleted Scene With Cas & Crowley Would Have Explained A Lot (Looper)
28-07-23 (16:55)   'Cheat,' FrightFest-Bound Supernatural Horror Film, Picked Up by Black Mandala (Variety)
27-07-23 (14:51)   Twisted Metal Completely Cuts Its Supernatural Roots (And That's A Good Thing) (Looper)
26-07-23 (21:22)   Here for Blood teaser trailer pits a professional wrestler against supernatural evil (JoBlo.com)
23-07-23 (21:42)   10 Supernatural Moments That Prove Sam & Dean Were The Bad Guys All Along (Screen Rant)
22-07-23 (16:02)   Relive Fun San Diego Comic-Con Moments With 'Outlander,' 'Supernatural' & More Casts (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
20-07-23 (15:49)   Supernatural neo-noir shooter El Paso, Elsewhere out in September (Eurogamer.net)
19-07-23 (21:33)   Kenneth Branagh Battles Supernatural Forces in 'Haunting in Venice' Trailer (Hollywood Reporter)
19-07-23 (17:09)   A New Haunting In Venice Trailer Pits Poirot Against the Supernatural (Gizmodo)
18-07-23 (23:42)   10 TV Shows That Abandoned Their Main Premise (Screen Rant)
18-07-23 (01:42)   Supernatural's Groundhog Day Episode Explained A Season 15 Ending Plot Hole 12 Years Earlier (Screen Rant)
15-07-23 (21:25)   10 Best Supernatural Shows You Need To Watch For Spooky Season (Screen Rant)
14-07-23 (18:36)   Supernatural: Why Gabriel Looks So Familiar (Looper)
13-07-23 (22:42)   'Stranger Things' Haunted House Will Bring 'Supernatural Terror' to Halloween Horror Nights (RollingStone.com)
13-07-23 (13:16)   Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden Brings Supernatural Adventurer To PS5 On November 7 (PlayStation Universe)
12-07-23 (09:49)   Oxenfree II: Lost Signals review: a spooky, supernatural adventure that needs fine-tuning (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
11-07-23 (17:11)   John Magaro in Indie Supernatural Horror Film 'The Mistress' Trailer (FirstShowing.net)
10-07-23 (19:32)   William Fichtner Joins 'Free Solo's Alex Honnold & Other Climbing Elites In Supernatural Horror 'The Sound' (Deadline.com)
09-07-23 (19:38)   Black Mirror Season 6 highlights supernatural horror over sci-fi | review (VentureBeat)
08-07-23 (17:56)   Supernatural's Best Romances Reveal A Harsh Truth About Sam & Dean Winchester (Screen Rant)
04-07-23 (20:09)   Campy Horror Comedy Uncle Sam Is a Star-Spangled Good Time (Gizmodo)
03-07-23 (17:51)   Supernatural: The Animation - Jared Padalecki Voices Sam But Who Plays Dean? (Looper)
02-07-23 (14:51)   Supernatural: Bloodlines - Why The CW Spin-Off Failed, According To The Creator (Looper)
01-07-23 (15:25)   Supernatural Ruined Sam & Dean Winchester In 1 Big Way (That The Show Never Recovered From) (Screen Rant)
30-06-23 (19:08)   Hawaiian Dick: Patrick Wilson wants to direct adaptation of supernatural thriller comic book (JoBlo.com)
28-06-23 (17:42)   Misha Collins Opens Up About Supernatural Officially Ending With The Winchesters Cancellation (Screen Rant)
28-06-23 (04:03)   'Gotham Knights' Star Misha Collins On Saying Goodbye To Harvey Dent Too Soon & The "Sad" End Of The 'Supernatural' Franchise (Deadline.com)
27-06-23 (19:08)   It Feeds: Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore star in supernatural horror film (JoBlo.com)
27-06-23 (01:45)   Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke Shares Sweet Message After Encountering Fans On Writers Strike Picket Line (Cinemabled)
26-06-23 (17:24)   Amber Heard Premieres New Film 'In the Fire,' Calls It a 'Meditation on the Almost Supernatural Powers of Love' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
24-06-23 (14:25)   Lucifer Was Never Supernatural's Best Villain: Sam & Dean's True Enemy Explained (Screen Rant)
24-06-23 (06:11)   Supernatural Creator Has Emotional Response To Fans Who Say Show "Got Them Through Tough Times" (Screen Rant)
24-06-23 (04:59)   'Supernatural' Actor Catches Cuba's Puppet President Dining Lavishly in Rome While Cubans Starve (Breitbart.com)
23-06-23 (18:25)   Official Trailer for Supernatural Killer Pirate Horror Movie 'The Abode' (FirstShowing.net)
23-06-23 (17:13)   2023 Character Cup - Round 2B (Spoiler TV)
22-06-23 (17:42)   This Queer Japanese Drama Takes a Supernatural Twist (Collider)
21-06-23 (19:56)   15 Best Supernatural & Fantasy K-Dramas On Netflix, Ranked (Screen Rant)
20-06-23 (19:25)   Sterling K. Brown's Supernatural Character Explained (Screen Rant)
19-06-23 (02:42)   Keanu Reeves Goes Bad in This Southern Gothic Supernatural Movie (Collider)
17-06-23 (14:11)   10 Great Supernatural Characters The Show Totally Wasted (Screen Rant)
16-06-23 (16:56)   New Trailer for Panamanian Supernatural Horror Thriller 'The Sacrifice' (FirstShowing.net)
15-06-23 (19:35)   Black Mirror's Demon 79 is a stressful slice of supernatural horror (TheVerge)
14-06-23 (09:58)   2023 Character Cup - Nominations (LAST CHANCE) Updated - Bubble Shows (Spoiler TV)
13-06-23 (21:11)   25 Shows About The Demonic & Supernatural Available On Netflix (Screen Rant)
09-06-23 (00:49)   Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden shows more of its tragic supernatural romance (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
08-06-23 (21:44)   Supernatural shooter 'Witchfire' confirms Early Access release date (NME.COM)
08-06-23 (01:22)   Supernatural: Who Plays Ruby And Why Was She Recast? (Looper)
06-06-23 (16:08)   The Winchesters: cancelled Supernatural prequel fails to find a new home (JoBlo.com)
06-06-23 (15:22)   Talk to Me: Australian supernatural horror film gets a new trailer ahead of July release (JoBlo.com)
05-06-23 (22:45)   Misha Collins Casts His 'Supernatural' Co-Stars on 'Gotham Knights' (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
05-06-23 (13:57)   The Winchesters: Jensen Ackles Confirms Supernatural Spinoff Is Done (TV Fanatic)
04-06-23 (19:11)   "There Is A Long Road Ahead": Supernatural Star Reacts To Winchesters Cancellation (Screen Rant)
03-06-23 (22:09)   The Winchesters Officially Dead After Failed Season 2 Efforts (Gizmodo)
03-06-23 (21:28)   This Creepy Horror Movie Is More Than a Supernatural Found-Footage Gimmick (Collider)
03-06-23 (21:25)   Supernatural's Ending Gave Sam & Dean's Team Name A Much Darker Meaning (Screen Rant)
03-06-23 (16:56)   The Winchesters Cancellation & Failed Campaign Lamented By Jensen Ackles (& He Explains Why) (Screen Rant)
03-06-23 (16:11)   The Winchesters Season 2 Officially Dead, Supernatural Prequel Fails To Find New Home (Screen Rant)
27-05-23 (20:42)   Supernatural: The 10 Worst Episodes (Screen Rant)
27-05-23 (19:56)   10 Ways Supernatural Got Worse After Season 5 (Screen Rant)
26-05-23 (09:33)   In The Yellowjackets Season 2 Finale, The Supernatural And The Tragically Ordinary Finally Collapsed (SlashFilm)
24-05-23 (16:11)   Ahoy Brings PROJECT: CRYPTID To Supernatural Fans This Fall (Exclusive) (Screen Rant)
23-05-23 (17:51)   The Movers: Jena Malone, Christopher Lloyd, & more star in supernatural thriller (JoBlo.com)
22-05-23 (16:03)   'Fordlandia — Battle Between Worlds': Supernatural Drama Series Set In Henry Ford's Failed Amazon Rainforest Town Being Readied (Deadline.com)
21-05-23 (20:54)   Jujutsu Kaisen's New Season 2 Trailer is a Supernatural Showdown (Gizmodo)
20-05-23 (16:03)   Jena Malone, Terrence Howard, Christopher Lloyd & Tom Everett Scott Set For Supernatural Thriller 'The Movers' (Deadline.com)
20-05-23 (14:42)   Every Supernatural Season's Scariest Episode (Screen Rant)
19-05-23 (22:40)   The CW of Riverdale, Supernatural, and The Arrow-verse is No More (Den of Geek)
19-05-23 (18:08)   Fight for Your Life: Jeremy Piven stars in supernatural gladiator movie (JoBlo.com)
19-05-23 (06:04)   Cannes: Jeremy Piven to Lead Supernatural Gladiator Actioner 'Fight for Your Life' (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
18-05-23 (09:33)   Cannes Hidden Gem: Patriarchal Oppression Meets Supernatural Horror in Pakistani Feature 'In Flames' (Hollywood Reporter)
17-05-23 (20:08)   Brooklyn 45 trailer: Ted Geoghegan supernatural horror film begins streaming next month (JoBlo.com)
17-05-23 (19:56)   Jensen Ackles Fights To Save Supernatural Prequel & Co-Stars' CW Shows (Screen Rant)
16-05-23 (23:28)   'Nancy Drew' Season 4 Trailer: Kennedy McMann Confronts Supernatural Threats (Collider)
16-05-23 (18:25)   Supernatural Horror Comedy CENSUS is Coming From Dark Horse (Exclusive) (Screen Rant)
16-05-23 (16:11)   The Winchesters' Supernatural Cameos Already Set Up A Better Season 2 (Screen Rant)
16-05-23 (00:11)   Can The Winchesters Season 2 Still Happen? Supernatural's Future Explained (Screen Rant)
15-05-23 (17:54)   Jared Padalecki Thinks Supernatural Could Have Lasted Even Longer (Gizmodo)
15-05-23 (01:25)   Jared Padalecki Playfully Criticizes Supernatural's Episode Count, Singling Out One Example (Screen Rant)
13-05-23 (20:54)   Add Lockwood & Co. to the List of Canceled Netflix Shows (Gizmodo)
13-05-23 (18:42)   "Deserve Another 19 Seasons": #SaveTheWinchesters Gets Support From Supernatural Star (Screen Rant)
13-05-23 (16:42)   Supernatural Season 2's Impala Change Had A Clever Hidden Meaning (Screen Rant)
12-05-23 (19:56)   The Winchesters Five-Season Story Plan Teased After CW Cancellation (Screen Rant)
12-05-23 (00:29)   Supernatural Prequel The Winchesters Is Canceled at The CW (IGN.com)
12-05-23 (00:02)   'Supernatural' Spinoff 'The Winchesters' & 'Kung Fu' Canceled at The CW (TV Insider)
11-05-23 (22:56)   The Winchesters Cancelled At The CW - Ending Supernatural Universe (Screen Rant)
11-05-23 (22:22)   The Winchesters: Supernatural prequel series cancelled after 1 season (JoBlo.com)
11-05-23 (21:46)   'The Winchesters' Canceled By The CW After One Season, 'Supernatural' Prequel Will Be Shopped (Deadline.com)
11-05-23 (12:32)   Persona meets teen Scooby-Doo shenanigans in supernatural RPG Demonschool (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
10-05-23 (17:11)   The Winchesters Fans Beg For Renewal After CW Cancels A Similar Show (Screen Rant)
09-05-23 (20:17)   Creature Photographing Supernatural Puzzle Adventure Moonrise Fall Hits Xbox (Xbox Wire)
08-05-23 (14:32)   Stardew-like meets murder mystery Grave Seasons has some supernatural secrets still to come (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
07-05-23 (05:42)   The Scariest 'Supernatural' Moment Wasn't a Demon or Monster (Collider)
06-05-23 (14:56)   10 Supernatural Cameos That Should Have Happened In The Series Finale (Screen Rant)
05-05-23 (19:51)   Friday Fright Nights: Watch the supernatural horror movie Dark Entities right here! (JoBlo.com)
04-05-23 (21:51)   The Boys' Eric Kripke Knew Fans Would Want This Supernatural Easter Egg In S3 (Looper)
01-05-23 (18:11)   Is Supernatural's Castiel Based On DC's John Constantine? (Screen Rant)
28-04-23 (20:18)   'Barbarian' Breakout Georgina Campbell Joins Dakota Fanning in New Line Supernatural Thriller 'The Watchers' (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
27-04-23 (22:29)   This Supernatural Drama Is An Early Anime Of The Year Contender (Kotaku)
26-04-23 (22:25)   Blade Is Poised To Break 1 Major Supernatural MCU Character Trend (Screen Rant)
26-04-23 (22:03)   Dakota Fanning Boards Ishana Night Shyamalan's Supernatural Thriller 'The Watchers' For New Line  (Deadline.com)
26-04-23 (15:56)   Supernatural Season 3 Already Explained How Spinoff Characters Died (Screen Rant)
24-04-23 (19:03)   The CW Acquires UK Supernatural Thriller The Rising and Aussie Surf Drama Barons — Get Premiere Dates (TVLine)
24-04-23 (17:29)   Stranger Things Creators Working On New Netflix Supernatural Project (Game Rant)
22-04-23 (19:56)   10 Strongest Villains In Supernatural Ranked (Screen Rant)
21-04-23 (02:43)   Stranger Things Creators' Next Supernatural Mystery Series Is Officially Headed to Netflix (IGN.com)
20-04-23 (21:45)   Wait, Is Yellowjackets' Mystery Symbol Actually A Deep-Cut Reference To A Supernatural Episode? (Cinemabled)
20-04-23 (21:18)   Supernatural Mystery The Boroughs Coming To Netflix From Stranger Things And Dark Crystal Creators (SlashFilm)
20-04-23 (19:08)   The Boroughs: The Duffer Brothers producing supernatural mystery series for Netflix (JoBlo.com)
20-04-23 (18:10)   Netflix Orders Supernatural Drama From 'Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' Creators, Duffer Brothers to Produce (Variety)
20-04-23 (18:04)   'Stranger Things' Creators Set Supernatural Series 'The Boroughs' at Netflix (Hollywood Reporter)
19-04-23 (18:11)   Renfield 2nd Unit Director Chris Brewster On Supernatural Stunts & More (Screen Rant)
19-04-23 (17:11)   3rd Anne Rice TV Show In Development (& It Reaches Deep Into Supernatural Lore) (Screen Rant)
19-04-23 (03:15)   Supernatural: Who is the Most Powerful Demon? (Game Rant)
17-04-23 (21:03)   Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3 Recap - Is Lottie really supernatural? (Ready Steady Cut)
17-04-23 (19:42)   'The Boogeyman' Trailer Brings Nightmares to Life in Supernatural Horror (Collider)
16-04-23 (22:15)   Supernatural: What Rank Of Angel Is Castiel? (Game Rant)
16-04-23 (16:10)   From 'Concordia' to 'The World's Nicest People,' Germany Hits MipTV With Suspense and the Supernatural  (Variety)
15-04-23 (20:56)   Why Castiel Liked Dean More Than Sam In Supernatural (Screen Rant)
14-04-23 (18:37)   Friday Fright Nights: Watch the supernatural horror movie I Know You're in There! (JoBlo.com)
13-04-23 (20:03)   Shudder Buys Supernatural Horror Pic 'Elevator Game' (Deadline.com)
13-04-23 (19:25)   Is Yellowjackets Supernatural? 4 Arguments For & Against Explained (Screen Rant)
13-04-23 (15:31)   Review: Ghostwire: Tokyo - Solid Supernatural Adventure Impresses On Xbox, Aside From A Few Issues (Pure Xbox)
12-04-23 (17:42)   Why Supernatural's Crowley Calls The Winchesters Moose & Squirrel (Screen Rant)
12-04-23 (01:13)   Jared Padalecki, Nathan Fillion, Daniel Gillies and more to invade @walescomiccon (Spoiler TV)
11-04-23 (21:05)   South Park Theory: Everything Supernatural Is A Coping Mechanism (Looper)
11-04-23 (17:45)   This Max Payne successor comes with a supernatural hip-hop album (PCGamesN.com)
11-04-23 (16:08)   Talk to Me trailer: Australian supernatural horror film reaches theatres in July (JoBlo.com)
11-04-23 (15:56)   "It's Gonna Be Dark": The Winchesters' John Actor Shares Season 2 & Beyond Hopes (Screen Rant)
11-04-23 (15:11)   First Trailer for Sundance Horror Hit Talk to Me Unleashes Supernatural Terror (The Film Stage)
10-04-23 (23:56)   Blade Has an Unprecedented New Purpose in Marvel's Supernatural World (Screen Rant)
09-04-23 (17:22)   Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Supernatural? (Looper)
08-04-23 (21:56)   How "Carry On" Became Supernatural's Unofficial Theme (& Why It Works) (Screen Rant)
07-04-23 (20:15)   Supernatural: The Episode Where Dean Trashes The Hotel Room, Explained (Game Rant)
07-04-23 (01:42)   #RenewTheWinchesters Campaign Begins As CW Stalls On Prequel's Season 2 Renewal (Screen Rant)
05-04-23 (18:00)   Haunted Chocolatier Can't Dance Around Supernatural Romance Options Like Stardew Valley (Game Rant)
05-04-23 (15:42)   Supernatural's Best Spinoff Is Still A Sam Colt Western Prequel (Screen Rant)
03-04-23 (05:14)   Was the Yellowjackets' Final Descent Into Madness Caused by the Supernatural Or A Shared Delusion? (IGN.com)
01-04-23 (21:42)   The Real Meaning Behind Dean's Amulet In Supernatural (Screen Rant)
29-03-23 (17:54)   Misha Collins on What Made Supernatural Successful (Gizmodo)
29-03-23 (15:42)   5 Reasons Supernatural Season 5 Should Have Been The End (Screen Rant)
27-03-23 (23:10)   El Paso, Elsewhere Is A Supernatural Take On Max Payne Shooting To Its Own Rhythm (GameSpot)
26-03-23 (23:42)   One Romance Anime Needs To Explain its Supernatural Mysteries This Spring (Screen Rant)
25-03-23 (17:25)   Supernatural Totally Wasted One Of Its Best Monster Ideas (Screen Rant)
24-03-23 (16:05)   The Five Devils Review: Supernatural Thriller Leaves A Strange Smell (Looper)
24-03-23 (01:14)   Walker: Independence Showrunner Has Ideas For A Big Homage To Jared Padalecki's Supernatural If Season 2 Happens (Cinemabled)
20-03-23 (00:56)   The Winchesters Could See Castiel Return, Says Supernatural Star (Screen Rant)
19-03-23 (19:42)   More Supernatural Hinted At By The Winchesters Showrunner (Screen Rant)
19-03-23 (13:46)   Best Supernatural Anime (Game Rant)
19-03-23 (00:45)   Could Supernatural Return? The Winchesters Showrunner Has Thoughts After That Finale, And Fans Should Be Pumped (Cinemabled)
18-03-23 (18:56)   Supernatural's Creator Disliked These 5 Episodes The Most (Screen Rant)
18-03-23 (17:40)   Jack Champion's Supernatural Fandom | First Fandoms (Gizmodo)
16-03-23 (23:15)   5 Forgettable Supernatural Horror Villains (Game Rant)
16-03-23 (18:14)   'Yellowjackets' Season 2 Review: Show's Cast Is Better Than Ever, but We Can Skip the Supernatural Mystery (TheWrap.com)
16-03-23 (12:10)   'Evil Dead Rise' Review: More Scary Stuff As Supernatural Creatures Once Again Play By the Book (Variety)
16-03-23 (01:36)   AHS' Ryan Murphy Recalls A Spooky Real-Life Supernatural Experience (Looper)
15-03-23 (15:42)   Supernatural Season 1 Has A Weird Bobby Singer Name Plot Hole (Screen Rant)
15-03-23 (14:05)   The Biggest Differences Between Supernatural And The Winchesters (Looper)
15-03-23 (03:14)   Gotham Knights Showrunners Explain Why They Didn't Need To Be Sold On Misha Collins As Harvey Dent (And Supernatural Is Involved) (Cinemabled)
11-03-23 (23:42)   John Winchester Could Have Easily Stopped Dean's Supernatural Death (Screen Rant)
11-03-23 (22:18)   Supernatural's Misha Collins Auditioned To Be A Demon (SlashFilm)
11-03-23 (17:42)   Jensen Ackles Explains Winchester's Multiverse Twist & Supernatural Connection (Screen Rant)
11-03-23 (01:59)   Turns Out Gotham Knights Almost Included Misha Collins' Supernatural Co-Star Jensen Ackles in A Cool Way (Cinemabled)
10-03-23 (20:56)   The Winchesters Sets Up More Returning Supernatural Actors (If Season 2 Happens) (Screen Rant)
10-03-23 (17:43)   This supernatural visual novel is the latest Square Enix gem flying under the radar (GamesRadar)
10-03-23 (15:51)   Misha Collins Says His Villain Work On Supernatural Helped Prepare Him To Play Two-Face On Gotham Knights (Looper)
09-03-23 (17:46)   The Winchesters: Season 1 Finale Review (Game Rant)
09-03-23 (13:35)   Supernatural visual novel Paranormasight out today (Eurogamer.net)
08-03-23 (22:11)   The Winchesters Episode 13 Feels Like A Series Finale (It Probably Is) (Screen Rant)
08-03-23 (20:51)   The Winchesters Showrunner Has No Doubt Supernatural Will Make A Comeback (Looper)
08-03-23 (20:45)   After 'The Winchesters' Finale, How Do You Want the 'Supernatural' Universe to Continue? (POLL) (TV Insider)
08-03-23 (19:22)   The Supernatural Cameos In The Winchesters Finale Had Fans In Complete Shock (Looper)
08-03-23 (18:25)   Every Horror Actor Cameo In Supernatural (Screen Rant)
08-03-23 (17:25)   How Those Supernatural Cameos Were Chosen For The Winchesters Finale (Screen Rant)
08-03-23 (16:42)   Winchesters' Supernatural Timeline Connection Explained By Showrunner (Screen Rant)
08-03-23 (14:56)   Supernatural's Original Horror Plan Was Great (But Would Have Killed It Early) (Screen Rant)
08-03-23 (13:25)   Winchesters Fans Celebrate THAT Supernatural Return (But Want More) (Screen Rant)
08-03-23 (04:45)   Supernatural Fans Finally Know Why Dean Was In The Winchesters Thanks To Season 1 Finale (Cinemabled)
08-03-23 (03:11)   How The Winchesters Gave Supernatural the Finale It Deserved (TVGuide.com)
08-03-23 (03:03)   The Winchesters Boss Talks Finale's 'Emotional' Dean Story, Those Surprise Supernatural Cameos — Plus, Grade It! (TVLine)
07-03-23 (20:42)   10 Supernatural DC Heroes Who Need To Return to the DCU (Screen Rant)
04-03-23 (21:23)   Hellboy: The Crooked Man Adds Two More to Its Supernatural Cast (Gizmodo)
04-03-23 (17:56)   Chuck Was Right In Supernatural - The Winchesters Needed To Fight (Screen Rant)
02-03-23 (18:05)   The Supernatural Ryan Reynolds Flop Defying Odds And Dominating Netflix (Looper)
02-03-23 (01:29)   The Last Of Us: Supernatural's Jensen Ackles Reacts To Show's Success (Game Rant)
01-03-23 (21:11)   How Dean's Return Can Explain The Winchesters' Different World Mystery (Screen Rant)
01-03-23 (20:00)   The Winchesters: Season 1 Episode 12 Review (Game Rant)
01-03-23 (14:56)   Why Season 1 Dean Winchester Feels Weird After Supernatural's Ending (Screen Rant)
01-03-23 (04:45)   The Winchesters May Have Set Up Supernatural's Rowena To Return, But What About Crowley? (Cinemabled)
28-02-23 (23:14)   Gotham Knights Stars Open Up About Working With Supernatural Vet Misha Collins As Harvey Dent (And Jam Is Involved) (Cinemabled)
28-02-23 (20:06)   Frostpunk publisher and Witcher remake devs unveil supernatural isometric RPG The Thaumaturge (Eurogamer.net)
27-02-23 (20:46)   Witcher 1 Remake Dev Announces New Supernatural RPG (Game Rant)
27-02-23 (06:25)   Supernatural's Cas Actor Reacts To Jonas Brothers Album Comparison (Screen Rant)

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